“Wedding Planning: We bring clarity to your vision.”

Owner / Wedding Planner

Although I have degrees in Psychology and Sociology there has always been art and creativity in my blood.

Growing up, I had a grandmother that was an artist in Seattle, while my other grandmother in Hawaii was known for her love and talent for entertaining. Their influence encouraged me to decorate every inch of our house at any holiday listed on the calendar. I am sure looking back it was pretty gaudy, but I was blessed with a patient mother who let me be creative.

I started Whalen Creative Group in 2008 after reading an article about event planners. In the article the author stated that she went into the profession because she had two strong qualities, creativity and organization. A light bulb went on, before that moment I never knew how to use my two strengths in the same profession. After my first wedding, I fell in love. Which is why Whalen Creative Group focuses solely on Weddings.

It gives me so much joy to help remove the stress and cater to my brides and her family. I believe that every bride deserves to truly enjoy that special day.

Here is a photo of me and my family. God has blessed me with the most wonderful husband Lucas, who loves me unconditionally. And on top of all of that He gave us a priceless gift of our beautiful, fun-filled daughter Brooklyn Olivia and our super-sweet miracle baby Grant Jameson.